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Dupe?? Bourjois intuitive 3 dot liner for less than £7?

I have been wanting To try one of the 3 dot liners that have suddenly hit the market, As far as i know Clarins are the 1st high end version but at £20 i wasn’t sure i wanted to part with my pennies? But straight away the high street have caught up, i thought it wasn’t due out until mid-September but i found one in my local Superdrug so I thought i’d let you know what I think of the £7 Clarins dupe…


The main use for this liner is to focus the dots in-between your lash line which makes it more defined & appear thicker. I think the most significant difference it will make is for people with really light eyelashes who have to wear liners who usually dont have a natural line that darker lashed ladies do or the Yummy Mummys who have 30 seconds to get up, sort hair, make up & get dressed before leaving the house!!      


You can of course just join all the dots & use it as a regular liner on the days you want to look extra lovely!!  For Ladies that don’t have a steady hand (like me) this liner is fantastic,  it takes seconds to do in the morning on top of your usual routine, it makes you look more polished & your eyes look bigger & brighter. ( which i’m definately a fan of!)

Bourjois claim of it being a 24hr product unfortunatley gone are my days of testing this claim out! but the 16 plus hrs I wear my makeup every day is enough for me & this eyeliner does not budge on me even after early mornings, the school run, the big shop & a full cleaning session of my house!! it certainly outlasts the Clarins one which transfered onto my upper lash line after 5 or so hours (something most liners do on me). Where the Clarins one seems to transfer.

What are your thoughts on it, have you managed to get your mitts on it to try?

The Bourjois one is £6.99 rrp & the Clarins one is £20.00 rrp (I have seen it slightly cheaper online)

My advice is try this little gem & pop a few more items in you basket & you’ll probably still have some change for a bar of chocolate on the way home 🙂

Much Love 

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