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Regenerating Eye Cream from Dr.Hauschka Skin Care.

I am quickly approaching my mid 30’s & am slowly falling apart! Only joking, but i have noticed that I am getting more Laughter (fine) lines around my eyes.
Over the last tweleve months i have really started looking into my Skin care & trying to find what is right for me. Especially my Eye area as the sensitive skin around my eyes needs special care, particularly as I get more mature.

Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream* £50.95 does the wonderful job of moisturising and firming the eye area without any irritation! My eyes can be sensitive and can be prone to puffiness especially when i’m tired, This revives & make’s me look awake without burning or stinging. I really like this product, and I would highly recommend it!
This wrinkle-reducing eye cream contains high-quality, natural ingredients to stimulate the innate functions of the skin and support its regenerative processes. Encourage your skin’s natural functions and support the process of self-renewal with this nourishing eye cream.
During the night, your skin needs to ‘breathe’ and be unhindered in the elimination cycle. It is for this reason that night creams are not used in the Dr.Hauschka range.The ingredients contained in the oil-free Dr.Hauschka facial products – which can be used at night.

Is Eye cream part of your Skin care Routine?


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