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Novexpert – The Instant Lift Serum

The Instant Lifting Serum is not only for anti-ageing but also helps dry, thinning or tired skin. It targets expression wrinkles as well as loose skin with the use of raspberry and apple complex along with acacia extract, baobab pulp, hyaluronic acid and 100% vegetable complex containing malic and citric acid, vitamin C and quercetin. The baobab pulp and acacia extract helps with horizontal lifting, which tightens the skin in less than five minutes and for several hours. Vertical lifting is achieved with the pure hyaluronic acid by absorbing extra cellular water and the hyaluronic acid puffs up and fills in wrinkles by pushing from the bottom upwards. And finally, thanks to the 100% vegetable complex containing malic and citric acid, vitamin C and quercetin, micro-exfoliation provides a radiant completion in less than two weeks.

The first thing I noticed about this serum is the scent, coconuts!! I apply this serum just after cleansing, its really lovely to use, and drys quite quickly leaving skin ready for moisturiser. 
I’ve been loving this serum, once applied to my skin, it has a really silky texture instantly my skin felt super smooth and tightened but not uncomfortably after just a few minutes, throughout the day my skin remains feeling great, looking really dewy and fresh, whilst minimising my fine lines!

I’ve tried two Products from this brand now and have been very impressed with both of them.
It is available for £34.00 for 30ml.
Do you use a serum or moisturiser, or Both Together?

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