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Ecoya Mini Metro Jar Scented Candle in Sweet Pea & Jasmine Fragrance

Enchanting sweet pea and white jasmine entwine to capture the very essence of floral elegance. Delicately uplifting notes of watermelon and cucumber add extra freshness to round out the composition.

  • A beautiful soy wax candle
  • Delicately poured into a contemporary glass Jar Scented Candle and presented in a colourful box
  • Enjoy up to 18 hours of burn time

What can I say other than this candle smells absolutely amazing! It is sweet, creamy, floral,  warm, fresh, comforting, sensual…. I could go on. It is a perfect scent to have anywhere in your house to freshen, relax, and provide a beautifully scented atmosphere, I can not express how gorgeous it smells it is such a pretty fragrance. I personally can’t smell the watermelon in the scent but am grateful as I’m not a fan of anything watermelon, This scent could not possibly offend anyone! The beautiful scent hit me as soon as I tore open the packaging and I fell instantly in love with it. 
Available from Liberty’s for £32.00 for 55 burning hours (Metro) similar to this one but bigger, or £39 for 80 hours (Madison) which is delicately poured into a contemporary glass jar, capped with a silver lid, they are all presented in a colourful box, I couldnt find this mini on the website but I think it sells for around £20.

Are you a fan of candles, which is your preferred brand? 


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