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Budget Beauty Brands…

You don’t have to spend a fortune on Make up.. Yes it’s nice to be able to buy High end products but in reality who has a spare £50 everytime they nip into a department store to splash when you feel like buying something?!… Being obsessed with beauty products I have realised that High end products aren’t always the best products infact I tend to reach for my High street/Drugstore brands the most especially on a day to day basis.

This brand gives you highly pigmented Blushes and eyeshadows for £1.00! Palettes for £4.00 many of them are dupes for well known expensive brands, you could fill your make up bag for under £20 easily and have great products you will use ans repurchase!



This brand is quite new to me but I have discovered some great products including Chunky lips which are similar to Revlon balm stick without the minty smell, nail polish lovers would have a field day choosing a shade or two! Eye shadow palettes great for first time make up buyers to your Grannies something to suit everyone’s budget.

I think everyone knows about this brand, their nail polishes are amazing, long lasting and very affordable, the Dazzle dusts come in every shade imaginable and last forever! The brand is expanding to blushes, foundations, eyeliners and now palettes a great brand to add a bit of bling or colour into your collection.

What Budget Brands do you love?

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