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Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules Duo Limited Edition

Celebrating 10 years of Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, this Gorgeous looking Anniversary Edition contains 2 supersize jars with 60 rose capsules and 60 lavender capsules presented in a keep-sake box. How pretty is this packaging as soon as I saw it I wanted to own it… Doesn’t it remind you of a certain posh jewellers?!

The Rose capsules hydrate, soften and stimulate endorphins during the day while the Lavender capsules help restore cell metabolism and maximise cell repair overnight. The antioxidant power of moringa oil is proven to be up to 1700% more powerful than that of other cosmetic oils. Moringa Oil helps to physically repair visible signs of ageing by sweeping clean the skin cell matrix, ridding it of harmful toxins and allowing nutrients to be absorbed more effectively.

It also includes 2 very cute (empty) mini travel jars. Perfect for taking your capsules away with you on holiday. Each capsule gives just the right amount of product, they smell amazing and soak into my skin like a dream, my skin is looking hydrated, more rested and youthful. I’m loving the Lavender scent at night, I find it very relaxing!. A gorgeous present to give your Mum on Mothers day, this beautiful duo is worth £124.00 but is at a special price of £79.50 on Time to, giving you a great saving, it should last you just over two months.

I think Elemis are a fantastic company as in celebration of this milestone, Elemis are partnering with the charity ‘Wellbeing of Women’ and are donating £15,000 to support the technological development of a ground breaking device for gynecological surgery. If that’s not a reason to purchase this lovely little duo what is?!

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