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Evening Skincare routine

My Skincare has improved 100% since becoming a Beauty Blogger, My face would be given a quick wash with the latest face wash on offer in the super market or a quick wipe over with a face wipe *hides face in shame*. I never really understood the importance of a good skin care routine especially being in my 30’s.

Step one : (Cleansing Balm)  I dampen my face with warm water and rub a blob of my current balm which is Elemis Cleansing balm between my hands and rub into my face using circular motions to breakdown and remove my make up from the day, I wash off using a damp flannel in hot water to open my pores.

Step two : (Cleansing milk/lotion/wash) Whilst my face is still damp I rub in either Elemis or Soap & Glory peaches and clean, smoothing over my face, leaving for 3-5 minutes depending on how long I have, then again I rinse off using my Flannel.

Step three : (Facial Oil) I then put a couple of drops of facial oil. I’m currently using Clarins Lotus Oil onto the palms of my hands rub together and then gently press into my face avoiding my eye area, I leave to soak in for about 2-3 minutes.

Step four : (Moisturiser) I then apply 2 squirts of my mosturiser at the moment I’m using (& loving) Caudalie premier cru onto my finger tips rub together and then gently rub onto my whole face including my eye area.

Step five : (Eye Cream) finally I use a separate eye cream, I’m currently using Nourish Kale Biometric eye cream, which is a brilliant eye cream for reducing my dark circles and stopping my eyes from becoming sore or dry.

My skin is now plump and younger looking, my fine lines have softened and I don’t see new one’s appearing and I honestly think that is down to me taking time to look after my face… I only get one so I want it to stay wrinkle free for as long as is humanly possible!
I have also been loving using Elemis’ new Jasmine and rose milk in my bath and having a lovely relaxing soak before bed, it smells amazing and leaves my body smooth, hydrated and scented.
I then slapped on Argan oil body butter which is really rich and thick, perfect to sleep in.

These are the products I’m loving right now but I’m pretty fickle when it comes to beauty and skin care products! 🙁

What Products are you using?


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