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kiehls midnight recovery concentrate

The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a night serum designed to help repair your skin as you sleep and deliver hydration and balance your skin with its key ingredients of squalene and evening primrose oil and my favourite part of this serum is – lavender oil. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is infused with the wonderfully relaxing scent of lavender. I started using this about one month ago not only has it improved my skin massively, I’ve also noticed I sleep better?!  

I love the deep blue glass bottle this elixir comes in. With the hygienic dropper squeeze top that dispenses just enough serum, I put 2-3 drops on the tips of my fingers warm it up and then lightly press the product into my skin the gently rub in – sort of giving myself a mini facial massage, which adds to my relaxation. I noticed almost immediately how velvety my skin felt. There are no silicones nor parabens in the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It does not feel nor look oily if used correctly and my skin feels plumped and hydrated. It actually feels like water which my skin just drinks it up straight away.

It absorbs and dries quickly. Kiehl’s says your skin will look visibly better in the morning. I tested this theory in the 2 weeks that I used only the Midnight Recovery Concentrate without night cream. Yes it does look good in the morning. It looks rested and better and I feel more rested too! I attribute it to the lavender oil that helps me relax so I sleep better and so with my body relaxed, of course the skin will look better. I use it now with night cream and things are looking pretty good. Somehow the combination just works.

Overall I am very very impressed with this, my skin is looking better especially my forehead which had some serious frown lines from not wearing sun glasses and of course frowning too much… Blame my Husband!! I really can see an improvement and reduction in them, making them more softer allowing my foundation to sit smoothly on top. 30ml costs £36.00 but as you only use 2-3 tiny drops it’ll last you forever!. I really want to try the eye cream that is part of this collection… *adds to wishlist*
Have you used this Brand, What would you recommend? 

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