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Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow paint in Chestnut Taupe 007 (review and rant!)

I first saw this after I bought and loved Rich Russet, I wanted a slightly lighter – Champagne colour and took to google I spotted swatches of this one but quickly realised that the UK had been stuffed again as this shade isn’t available to us! A UK brand selling a product to the whole world barr us?! – WHY RIMMEL WHY?! It’s like the Maybelline color tattoos every other country seems to have all the gorgeous neutral wearable shades and all the UK seems to get are the horrible bright gaudy colours anyone over the age of six wouldn’t wear outside of the house!!? And breathe…..*rant over*

Anyway back to this little beauty, After my dissappointment I took to eBay to source it and eventually found it by a seller in Las Vegas.. 3 clicks and it was mine for $9? Not bad but I’d much rather of popped down to my local Boots or Superdrug.. The consistency and pigment is amazing as is the lasting power.. It is a gorgeous champagne taupe shade, slightly silvery just perfect for all over the lid on it’s own or to compliment a smoky eye..It is Definitely travelling with me to Sicily in May! 
Have you tried these? 


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