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Charles Worthington Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer.

 This is a Charles Worthington product and it is from the “Secrets Collection”. The collection is a tad more expensive than your usual CW products and are all high quality treatments…… definitely worth a try!

My hair has been super dry and frizzy recently especially on the ends, which is from a variety of reasons – PCOS, Weather, Heating, styling etc..When I saw that this is made especially for these problems it seemed like a perfect product to invest in!

It’s Recommended in the salon for hair suffering from dryness, frizz or damage, this silky light-weight crème acts as a healing mask during your beauty sleep, leaving no residue on your pillow. Its advanced formula contains nourishing Argan Oil and a Night Shield Complex with penetrating actives that reinforce the hair from root to tip. Scientifically proven to: double hair-strength overnight & reduce hair-breakage by up to 80%.

As I work from home I usually leave it on for 24hrs, I apply on clean dry hair, before bed and in the morning my hair is super soft and conditioned, you can easily run a brush through it, tie back and go to work without anyone noticing. My hair does feel softer, more conditioned and stronger, it also looks smoother and less frizzy.

I really am impressed it costs £14.99 for 200ml, but I’ve used it 5-6 times and only used a 1/4 of product so if you compare price to amount of applications it isn’t too expensive.

What’s your Hair Secret? 

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