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My Baby is Six Today!.xx

Today is my Beautiful Baby Girl’s 6th Birthday! Where has the time gone?! Today will be spent entertaining FORTEEN!!!…. Lively little Five & Six Year Olds at my local Hollywood Bowl.. Eating lot’s of cake and having tremendous fun!…

I cannot believe she is six! It’s quite scary how time flies.. But she has grown from a gorgeous little bundle of joy into a beautiful, talented, polite, intelligent little girl.. She is beginning to take after her Mummy asking for me to paint her nails and sort her hair or play dress up with make up.. But is a little tom-boy at heart running around, climbing trees and destroying her clothes with her Daddy!

It took my Husband and I, Seven+ Years to get her and the wait was DEFINITELY worth it! She is PERFECTION to us.. We are the luckiest parents alive!! Now less of the mush..pass me the CAKE!!..

Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful little Emily M.. Love her Millions & Squillions!!.xx


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