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Six Years?!

On 7th May I will have been married six years! It has gone by so fast… For putting up with my Beloved for six whole years *13 altogether*… I think I deserve a medal fantastic present?! Ha only kidding it’s been total bliss!.. We have talked about getting me a new watch as I’ve not worn […]

Beauty at your fingertips!

I’ve never actually owned any Jessica polishes but have had them applied in Nail salons, the quality is brilliant and really long lasting. I had a quick peek on the GI website and ended up on for over an hour and now have a wishlist the length of my arm!  Gerrard international is an online […]

Evening Skincare routine

My Skincare has improved 100% since becoming a Beauty Blogger, My face would be given a quick wash with the latest face wash on offer in the super market or a quick wipe over with a face wipe *hides face in shame*. I never really understood the importance of a good skin care routine especially […]