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Dear Diary – Day Two

Out with the Old! – New Years Resolution?…. After fighting with about 30 different bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner & Shower gels whilst trying to clean my bathroom, made me make a decision that i have to use all my current body products up before i buy anymore! I currently have 8 different brands of Shampoo […]

Dear Diary – Day One

Happy New Year!I have decided to start a diary & promise to write a post everyday, it may just be to say a quick Hello, post a picture or quote/thought of the day or maybe a review of a new product? I’ve not quite thought out what i will do as yet but I’m quite […]

L’Oreal 24Hr Infallible Eye in Amber Rush

The “Infallible” eye shadows from L’Oreal are becoming more and more popular. It’s difficult not to fall in love with them because the colours are vibrant, pigmented, quite creamy and truly are infallible that doesn’t crease, fade or budge at all. It’s such an affordable luxury in a small pot! The only problem i have […]